The CASEVAC Club is built on the age-old military principle of mutual support.  From day one in basic training you are taught to look after those you are fighting with and for in every aspect of life.  From hard-earned experience, this doesn’t change through combat injury.  On the ground your life is saved by those around you; you are kept alive; you are given a new chance at life by those around you.

During rehabilitation, you are given motivation and inspiration, drive and determination by those around you.  They push you forwards and urge you to do more, to give more.  This doesn’t change after leaving the services.  These same people continually drive you on through all that life has to throw, and provide advice and guidance based on their own solutions to life’s post injury problems.  The CASEVAC Club is simply a vehicle through which we can continue this support into the long term -looking after each other as servicemen and women have always done.

The CASEVAC Club logo contains the latin phrase “haud dubium salvet”.  This translates to “unequivocable saves” – recognition of the fact that the vast majority of the CASEVAC Club should be dead, and it is, undeniably, a result of the world-leading medical attention we received on the ground and in field hospitals that we are alive today.